“Hi, ladies!”

Apparently, entering an antique store or ritzy shoe/clothing boutique with a woman is enough to get me ladies-ed.  In one case, I think the store owner just saw my mom, registered that she wasn’t alone, and said “ladies” on autopilot, because she then added “and… gentlemen!”  I guess not too many guys will come into that sort of store to browse on a weekday, plus I was wearing my not-too-manly teal jacket.

The best part is that I found this hilarious.  Now that this sort of thing happens rarely, it’s something I can laugh about and not something that throws off my whole day.

As a side note, I actually really enjoy going clothes shopping with people.  I can relax and enjoy looking at different colors and textures without worrying that anyone will expect me to wear the clothes in question.  Clothing can actually be fun without that external pressure.

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