Find me at Wiscon!

This week I’m excited to be heading to my third Wiscon. Here’s my panel schedule:

Nail Polish Swap: Friday at the Gathering, 1:00-3:45 pm, Capitol/Wisconsin

Death to Love Triangles: Friday 10:30-11:45 pm, Assembly

Elim Garak’s Weird Cardassian Penis (aka the alien genitals panel): Sunday, 2:30-3:45 pm, Conference 5

I’m really excited that the polish swap is going to be an official event; my initial idea was to put up signs and have something informal in the lobby, but the Gathering coordinators thought it would be a good fit so it’s become a Real Thing. I hope it’s successful!

The love triangle panel sure is late in the day, so I’m not sure what turnout will look like, but it should be fun. We can just write our own smutty fanfiction about all the triangles that would be best resolved with “everyone kiss!” if attendance is low.

And OF COURSE I love talking about smooching weird aliens and their weird genitals, so that should be a fun and bizarre experience.

So for any of y’all that will be there, feel free to say hello, either at one of the above events or elsewhere during the weekend. I’m friendly and like meeting people! I can be a little shy about initiating conversations, or overwhelmed by large/loud groups, but I do enjoy chatting with folks. Every year I’ve come home having made some new connections and that’s one of the best things about the con.

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